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With our efforts we’ve been able to attract the following results in a sustainable and authentic way:

  • 92.9k reel views with a social media following account of 5k 

  • Increased client engagement and reach by 85k from 200 

  • Increased client following by 6k in two months

  • Helped obtain new clients through unique and direct content marketing

  • Increased clients search & brand visibility through specific hash tagging methods  

After our 90-min intensive you will walk away with a clear content strategy for your social media platform(s). Unique & impactful content outlines that will help build awareness, trust, a strong brand presence and naturally attract desired clients.

Who is this for:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to make a greater digital impact

  • Small business owners seeking to increase their digital footprint

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Content marketing is the most important tool when growing your business online

Our 90-min Digital Marketing -  Intensive helps you intergrading the proper tools to securing a strong online presences. 

In 90 minutes together we will:

  • Get clear on your desired client, what they need, want, what their problem areas are and how you can help them solve it.

  • Become clear on your unique voice and message and how to articulate it through digital marketing.

  • Understand your various content pillars, in order for you to effectively produce content.

  • Assist you in building out your first week of impactful and engaging posting content after the intensive.

  • Development of your one sentence value proposition of what you do for your social media bio

  • Curate an attractive social media Bio 

  • Getting clear on your content marketing strategies for your social media platform(s) that assist in you appearing more attractive for your desired clients.


  • Our video call will be recorded and emailed to you so you can refer back to it later

  • You will receive a follow up email (1) Week later as a curiosity check-in 

  • Social Media Audit that will inform you of the current pros and cons of your social media, branding tips for improving your overall aesthetic - in order for your intensive efforts to work effectively.

  • Clients will leave with clarity, more connected with their brand and audience, alongside strategies to increase their overall social media presence and goals.

Investment  $3,150.67