"BAP" Becoming a Publicist.... is a 6-week online cohort that will equip aspiring public relations professionals with the skills and techniques needed in areas relevant to career needed experience, that they weren’t taught in the classroom. 

6-Week Becoming a Publicist Cohort 

During the 6-weeks, you will be invited to immerse yourself in real-world challenges of Public Relations, Self and industry related assessments in order to obtain the proper skills needed in the PR field..

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This cohort is for you if… 

✔️ you have plans on becoming a public relations professional 

✔️ you believe the classroom hasn’t prepared you properly to step into the field successfully 

✔️  you know there’s more to learn and you’re ready 

✔️ You have a strong interest in working in Entertainment or Corporate public relations

This cohort isn’t for you if….

❌ You have no plans on entering the public relations field 

❌ you don’t have time to complete the course work 

❌ you dislike online courses 

❌ you think public relations is an easy way to make money 

Enrollment is Closed!

 Join the waitlist to be among the first to know when our enrollment is back open for our BAP Cohort that’s helped MANY savvy PR Professionals (like you!) gain more confidence, experience, and knowledge to be successful in this industry!


"BAP" Becoming a Publicist....

 Learning from the top producing Public Relations Professionals!

With the becoming a publicist cohort we are challenging you to immerse yourself in real-world challenges of public relations, self and industry assessments, and 360-degree feedback from future colleagues and peers.

"BAP" Becoming a Publicist: The Cohort 

This cohort will help you develop various strategies, organizations for innovation, and the proper skills to become a publicist.

​What to Expect?

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Public Relations 101

Public Relations: Essentials 

Managing Press Runs & Red Carpets  

Developing a Successful PR Campaign

Crisis Management 

Guide to being a successful Publicist

The Course Work