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Dr. Pam Love-Manning 


Public Relations Goal:

  •  Dr. Pam Love-Manning sought a Public Relations Agency that could help her increase visibility around her book turned played “I want my Vagina Back” in order to boost ticket sales.


Women and Men's Fashion


  • Entertainment - Fashion & Lifestyle - Influencer 

Our Strategy:

  • UMGMT developed a list of potential sponsored partners and presented the sponsorship presentation and proposal to the desired brands of the partners. The UMGMT team worked around the clock to secure sponsorship.


  • Secured $3+ worth of monetary sponsorship, which followed in-kind support for the gift bags.

  • Alongside securing (3) Media outlets to cover the show and red carpet.

  • Secured media with Style, Life, and Fashion Online Blog, 

  • Chicago Client @_danijay_ will be coaching the blue team at the Benny’s Ballin’ out of control celebrity charity basketball game hosted at Morgan State University! 

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