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Koeryelle DuBose

/Lifestyle-Industry Expert/

Public Relations Goal:

  • Koeryelle sought a Public Relations agency that could secure press, sponsorship, and provide event execution.


  • Women in business & Entrepreneurs



  • Corporate - Conference | Entertainment - Events

Our Strategy:

  • During the experience of working on two separate events with Ms. Dubose, UMGMT focused on creating an experience each step of the way and securing genuine relationships that would elevate the events and brand reputation. Alongside providing Ms. Dubose with a team of experts that would act in the best interest of her brand before and during each secured activation, event, and interview.



  • Secured events with the 2019 Essences Festival, such as The essence of Emotional Intelligence purpose party, Black Girl Podcast “The Good Day Bunch,” Summer of OWN TV Press Conference, and Summer of OWN TV Cocktail Party.

  • Secured appearances at events such as International Wine Tasting Cruise and Yacht Party,

  • Assist in the planning and executing the toasted of 40 top werking women in Atlanta at her private influencer dinner all in one night.

          - Secured sponsorships with Official Belaire as the brand activation sponsor for our VIP lounge and Simply Sweet Atlanta.

          - Developed and mapped out the details of a successful brand partnership with the hosting venue.

          - Secured Media with Sheen Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, and Southside Dash

          - Overseeing invites and correspondents & Development the seating chart

          - Day of event facilitation 

          - Menu selection and securing the cater

  • Secured opening Keynote with the Stephan Speaks “You Deserve It” Atlanta tour stop! 

  • Secured media placements with Woman to Woman Magazine, Aspire TV HBCU 101, Sheen Magazine, Jimi P., Hoodrich Films, David Diary, and the Willie Moore JR Show

  • Secured sponsor for speaker bags and gift suites with the following brands Honey Belle Shop, DIY Detox Mask, Soapy Faith, and Auntie Jackies.

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