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#1 Barbers App theCut Announces Scholarship For Rising Barbering and Beauty Students


Dec. 20, 2023 


Milan Mobley, UMGMT CEO 


#1 Barbers App theCut Announces Scholarship For Rising Barbering and Beauty Students

theCut's Commitment to Nurturing the Next Generation of Beauty Professionals

[Washington, DC] — theCut, the leading app for barbers, takes a significant step in supporting the future of the barbering and cosmetology industry by announcing a new $5,000 scholarship fund. This initiative is a part of theCut's commitment to nurturing the next generation of beauty professionals.

The scholarship aims to provide financial aid to promising students in barbering and cosmetology schools. It is a strategic effort to ensure these students have access to essential resources, especially in light of potential regulatory changes that could affect funding for their education.

Obi Omile, the founder of theCut, emphasizes the importance of this scholarship: "By offering this $5,000 scholarship, we are helping student barbers and stylists achieve their dreams and ensuring the continued excellence in our industry. We believe in the talent and potential of these future professionals, and we are committed to supporting their journey.”

Contributions to the scholarship fund are now being accepted. This scholarship is an example of theCut's ongoing dedication to the barbering and beauty industry, and its role in empowering the next generation of professionals.

To donate to theCut’s scholarship fund for student barbers and beauticians, click here and to learn more about how to apply click here. 

About theCut

Founded in 2016, theCut has become the foremost mobile platform connecting individuals with skilled barbers across the United States. Recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 and surpassing Google's search volume in the barbering sector with 1.4 million searches, theCut continues to expand its influence and services within the industry. For more information, visit

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