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Industry Titans Forge Alliance: Elevating UMGMT Strategic Communications TM to Pinnacle of Success

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


Dec. 22, 2023

Media Contact

Milan Mobley, Chief Communications Officer

UMGMT Strategic Communications TM

"Industry Titans Forge Alliance: Elevating UMGMT Strategic Communications TM to Pinnacle of Success"

UMGMT Proudly Announces the Appointment of Milan360 Strategies' Visionary Founder as Chief Communications Officer

(ATLANTA, GA) – In a trailblazing maneuver poised to revolutionize the public relations domain, two eminent figures - Milan Mobley, a Public Relations maestro and the founder of Umanagement Strategic Communications Agency (UMGMT), and Jasmine Murray, the dynamic force and founder of Milan360 Strategies - are merging their formidable talents. This alliance marks the dawn of an unprecedented epoch of innovation and triumph at UMGMT, heralding a transformative impact on the industry.

This collaboration heralds a groundbreaking achievement, merging the strengths of two minority-owned powerhouses to forge an unmatched titan in the public relations sector. With an illustrious 11-year tenure in the field, entrepreneur and trailblazing luminary Jasmine Murray has sculpted a monumental legacy through Milan360 Strategies, establishing an unrivaled domain in strategic communications.

"I am profoundly excited to declare my collaboration with Milan and the distinguished team at UMGMT," proclaimed Murray with fervor. "Reflecting on the monumental achievements within my enterprise over the last eight years fills me with immense pride. Establishing and steering Milan360 Strategies stands as the zenith of my career. Today, I embrace the evolution of our mission, whatever shape it may assume. In this pivotal chapter, my role evolves to bolster the efforts of my esteemed friend and associate. This tactical alliance, a brainchild of years of deliberation, signals our readiness to revolutionize the industry landscape once more. Together, our shared vision and unbreakable bond are set to redefine the paradigms of success," affirmed Murray with conviction.

As the latest dynamic addition to UMGMT, Murray assumes the pivotal role of Chief of Communications, where her extensive mastery in brand development, crisis management, and media relations will not only augment but elevate UMGMT's already formidable capabilities in influencer engagement, events, and strategic communications. In this crucial position, Murray is tasked with spearheading business development, talent acquisition, providing strategic executive advice, orchestrating team management, and overseeing a plethora of other key functions. Her appointment heralds a pivotal moment in the company's relentless quest for excellence and innovation, as UMGMT approaches their monumental ten-year anniversary.

With over a decade of Strategic Public Relations prowess at the helm of UMGMT, Mobley declares, "Uniting with Jasmine marks a pivotal chapter. It's our privilege to entrust her with UMGMT's vision. We've long admired, supported, and celebrated Jasmine's unique journey. While the alliance of two formidable women in a single powerhouse may astound many, we delight in defying norms, showcasing that female collaboration not only succeeds but thrives, eclipsing any notion of rivalry. This partnership signifies a monumental stride for my company, as we aim to diversify and enrich our client portfolio across various sectors. Jasmine's involvement is the key to achieving this, ensuring we uphold the exemplary work ethic and integrity that defines UMGMT.

This alliance unites a tapestry of unique perspectives, rich experiences, and dynamic skills, fortifying UMGMT's capacity to provide unparalleled strategic guidance and innovative campaigns. It stands as a testament to a steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, championing the narratives of marginalized groups and ensuring outstanding outcomes for their clients.

About UMGMT Strategic Communications TM

Since inception in 2015 under the visionary leadership of Milan Mobley, UMGMT has redefined the landscape of international strategic communication. We are not just an agency; we are the catalysts for enduring success, transforming the way businesses and organizations communicate their missions and messages. Our ethos revolves around elevating our clients to unprecedented levels of global visibility, fortifying their brands, and safeguarding their reputations with unwavering commitment and integrity.

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