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OUT NOW Lil Mama’s Newest Gloss to Vaniteaset Cosmetics“It’s Poppin” Collection



March 28, 2024



Ayanna Maxwell

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“OUT NOW Lil Mama’s Newest Gloss to Vaniteaset Cosmetics“It’s Poppin” Collection”

VC reveals “Strike a Pose” as the second of four collectible and luxurious lip glosses. 

[New York, NY]— Leveraging the momentum of the “It’s Poppin” collection's successful Valentine's Day launch, Vaniteaset Cosmetics, the luxury beauty venture by rapper Lil Mama and her sisters Jasmyn, Jessica, and LaNya, is setting new standards in the beauty world. Offering a stunning array of gloss shades designed to perfect any look for females across generations, Vaniteaset Cosmetics reaffirms its commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the beauty sector.

As International Women's Month draws close, Vaniteaset Cosmetics is excited to announce its latest creation, the enchanting "Strike a Pose" lip gloss. This clear gloss invites wearers to embrace their authentic selves boldly and without reservation. Embracing the ethos, "Simplicity is the new 'It Girl,'" "Strike a Pose" celebrates the essence of natural beauty. Designed for those who find sophistication in simplicity and are drawn to the charm of minimalist elegance, "Strike a Pose" elevates any look with its luminous, crystal-clear shine.

"We are beyond excited to introduce 'Strike a Pose,' the newest addition to our collectible lip gloss line. Following the incredible response to our debut product, 'Truly in Love,' we wanted to act upon its success by delivering another stunning lip gloss that embodies self-expression and confidence. ‘Strike a Pose’ symbolizes the women of the brand — empowered and independent.” Says Jasmyn Brunner, the CEO and one of the four faces behind the brand, affectionately known as “The Set.”

"Strike a Pose" delivers intense hydration and long-lasting wear, ensuring your lips stay luscious and radiant throughout the day. This gloss epitomizes understated beauty and is a go-to essential perfect for elevating any look. Now available for purchase exclusively at 


About Vaniteaset Cosmetics 

Vaniteaset Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand that champions innovation and high-quality products to empower individuals to showcase their unique style and personality. Founded on the principle of family collaboration, Vaniteaset represents a joint venture between Lil Mama and her sisters, encapsulating a shared vision for the future of beauty. Discover the 'It’s Poppin' lip gloss collection and learn more about Vaniteaset Cosmetics by following @VaniteasetCosmetics on Instagram and visiting

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