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Redefining Barbering in the Digital Age: theCut's App Leads the Charge


Nov. 6, 2023


Milan Mobley, CEO


Redefining Barbering in the Digital Age: theCut's App Leads the Charge

According to these statistics, theCut is a force to be reckoned with

[Washington, DC] — theCut emerges as a beacon of innovation, blending the venerable craft of barbering with the sharpest of modern technologies. With a robust presence of 15,000 barbers engaging monthly across 43 states, this Black-owned business, lauded in Forbes 30 under 30, is at the vanguard of digital transformation in the barber industry. theCut is more than an app—it's a movement, uniting barbers and clients in a digital marketplace that simplifies how appointments are booked and managed, evident in over 66 million appointments made and 2 million unique barber-client connections established to date.

theCut's platform has proven its mettle, not only streamlining operations but also boosting economic outcomes for barbers. Within their first three years on the platform, barbers see nearly a 30% annual increase in revenue, and monthly, they welcome 1-2 new clients via the app—evidence of sustained business expansion.

The platform's design is a masterclass in efficiency, providing an intuitive experience that elevates the revenue and booking volume for barbers. This digital sophistication translates into more robust barber- client relationships and an enriched barbering industry that thrives on innovation.

Daring to outshine even Google in the barbering sphere, theCut has captured the attention of 1.4 million search inquiries. This digital prowess underscores the platform’s dedication to not just meet but exceed the demands of today's barbers, furnishing them with indispensable tools for customer growth and operational excellence—culminating in an extraordinary $60 million revenue surge for barbers nationwide.

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About theCut:

Established in February 2016 by entrepreneurs recognized in Forbes 30 under 30, theCut stands as the quintessential barbershop technology platform. It forges a community of 5 million users with over 15,000 active barbers. This alliance has generated over 65 million appointments, and with nearly 2 million bookings each month, theCut solidifies its position as the top choice for barbers eager to refine their skills and broaden their digital footprint. Accessible on iOS and Android, theCut is the digital cornerstone for the contemporary barber.

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