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Have a question or interested in learning more about UMGMT and our services (Public Relations, Branding, or Marketing?) Drop us a line to talk directly to someone from our team. Please read the FAQ questions below before submitting your comment/question.

Atlanta, Georgia

United States

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  • How is UMGMT Different From Other Communications Agencies?
    Our dedicated team of experts delivers strategic communication strategies that help our clients reach their desired audience, fully and confidently show up as the expert, and retain sustainability. We use our award-winning method, "peeling back the onion," to best generate storylines, goals, and objectives to tell captivating stories and Launch campaigns; that advance society, transform culture, make an immediate impact on the media, and ignite change.
  • What Types of Clients Does UMGMT Accept?
    UMGMT is dedicated to helping experts in the entertainment, small businesses, and corporate sectors establish their "U" in success through credibility, longevity, unique strategies, and various communication practices and theories.
  • What is the process to begin working with UMGMT?
    Future clients must complete the "Prospective Client Application" Once completed the UMGMT accounts team will review the responses and based on the capacity of our client roster during that time, as well as considering the brand alignment between UMGMT and the prospective client will determine if a response to the prospective client will be sent for the next steps. If the prospective client receives a response back - they will be prompt to follow the instructions In the email to schedule their first discovery call.
  • Does UMGMT work with clients only Locally?
    UMGMT is an international strategic communication agency supporting businesses and organizations to elevate their mission and message to develop longevity, build high global exposure levels, and promote and protect their brands and reputations.
  • How do you build relationships with your clients?
    Our clients and team thrive daily by our core values: no brand or vision is too small to excel, dedication to impacting and improving culture, accountability for every action, completing the job to the best of our ability by any means necessary, and oath to happiness. Establishing the U in each client's Success Uniqueness - Our client's ability to build community and culture over their competitors and within their market. Usefulness - Developing strategies highlighting how our clients are useful to their target audience. Ultimate - Possibilities of having profitable and award-winning campaigns. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing an open-line and transparent level of communication to each client. Completing those efforts consist of Monthly Reports, access to frequent and active updates under our task manager and Bi-weekly calls.
  • Do I have to sign a contract, If so what lengths do you offer?
    A new client seeking to on-board long-term can decide between a contractractual agreement of a 6-month minimum to a 12-month maximum. Once the contract is up a client is able to resign and extend their contract as early as the middle of their contract term.
  • Prior to contracting UMGMT what should I prepare on my end?
    A Finished Project or a Project that is fully ready to be launched Have Drummed Up Buzz & Excitement on Your Own You have a clear vision of your goals You Have the Time and Money (please note that a budget is important.) You've done your research about UMGMT You have a full understanding of what public relations is and why It will serve you and your business.
  • How are services rendered?
    All of UMGMT clients are unique and require different things, that is why all packages are completely customized to the needs and goals of the client and the scope of work determined by UMGMT to achieve the best results. Prospective clients should know all though packages are customized they all will start at a base fee of $7,500 and increase by what the scope of work.
  • Do I have to make a deposit before services are rendered?
    We require a deposit with every contractual agreement. Deposits are due at the signing of the contract process. We require a 100% deposit of your first month’s payment or a prorated amount. Prorated amounts are determined on the time of the month the client has signed on. Ex. If a client on-boards the 15th day out of a 31 day month, the client is responsible for a prorated deposit that covers those 17-days. All retainer payments are due the first of every month. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • What is the Becoming a Publicist Cohort?
    The Becoming a Publicist Cohort (BAP) is a 12-week program that starts students in their Freshman year and takes them to senior year graduation. While in the program, students will gain the skills and techniques needed in areas they will be exposed to as public relations professionals. Students can expect to learn about handling crisis management situations, guiding clients down a red carpet quickly, strategies to produce award-winning campaigns, building relationships with journalists, and much more!
  • How do I apply to be apart of the BAP Cohort?
    Students will apply by term by completing and submitting all documents required listed in the application. Terms: Feb. 1 Jul. 1 We encourage all prospective students to join our mailing list. When you sign up for the waitlist, we will let you know about our next enrollment period. In addition, we will send you valuable resources, industry trends, and more to keep you on your toes and a tip top shape to enter the public relations industry!
  • Does the BAP Cohort have a membership fee?
    The BAP cohort cost a one-time tuition fee of $2,500.00. This fee can also be split into 4 payments of $825.00
  • Is there a discount for the BAP Cohort for current students?
    Students applying under as current college students email must provide proof of current enrollment upon acceptance to the BAP program. All students who have verified proof of enrollment will be able to receive the cohort for a one-time fee of $997. Students will also be eligible for a (4) installment payment plan of $1097.00.
  • How long can I access the course after the program?
    Students will have access to the course for 2-months after their session has ended. We encourage students to use that time to revisit course materials and review anything they may have missed. However, students will have lifetime access to the BAP Facebook group. We believe in building connection and that a strong foundation is built through networking.
  • Where are BAP Students now?
    ALL BAP students have gone on to do immaculate things such as: Pursing their masters degree, interning with previous professors or landing MAJOR media placements for their clients at their own agency. See photo 1. From a past BAP student -
  • What are the qualifications for the internship after the cohort?
    In order to qualify for the internship selection - BAP students must complete 85% of the cohort on time and in full. Incl. Attending ALL lectures required.
  • If I have questions for the professors can I contact them?
    Students will be able to connect with professors outside of live lectures via email per the professors consent.
  • How do I apply to be a UMGMT Intern?
    Prospective interns can apply to be apart of the UMGMT team HERE.
  • Is the UMGMT Internship paid?
    Unfortunately, This is an unpaid internship and can be completed remotely. However, travel is required. Public Relations requires us to spend time on the road or take required work trips. Select interns, based on preforms, will be asked to accompany the executive team. The following will be provided: Round-trip airline tickets Transportation to and from the airport Lodging covered Food stipend for the duration of the trip (Stipend may increase depending on the duration.)
  • What are the qualifications to become an intern?
    Potential interns MUST have the following: A basic understanding of research and media list-building tools Solid organizational skills and the ability to adapt to new conditions, assignments, and deadlines Knowledge of Google Docs Superior verbal and written communication skills Demonstrated ability to become a strong writer Familiarity with the public relations and communications disciplines through past coursework or other internships Currently in Undergrad or have graduated, or a graduate student or have graduated Developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a variety of clients and team members across multiple accounts Basic understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.) Self-innovation skills (Asking for work, turning assignments in well before the due deadline, and asking to learn certain things is highly recommended for success in this internship.)
  • What time commitment is expected as an Intern?
    Post-graduate interns are expected to be available during the hours and days (Mon-Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm) to receive assignments, actively communicating through slack throughout the day and Social Meetings (i.e., Virtual Breakfasts, Lunch, Coffee, etc.) Current college Interns are expected to be available during the hours and days (Mon -Thurs, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm) to receive assignments, actively communicating through slack throughout the day and Social Meetings (i.e., Virtual Breakfasts, Lunch, Coffee, etc.) The intern must be able to attend weekly virtual company-wide all hands on meetings and events.
  • What is It like to be an intern at UMGMT?
    Through this internship program, you can learn the ins and outs of the Public Relations industry, get experience with real client work, grow your talent, and hone your craft. This program will provide interns with a basic understanding of key client information, including general business strategy, industry issues, products and services, key customers, and market competitors. In addition, to build your professional portfolio, the necessary skills to succeed in the public relations industry, and a chance to network with industry moguls and Journalists.
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