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Our communications methods 

Achieve top tier media placements, organic growth, exposure in various states and a reach of over 20,000 in the first 30 days of your campaign.

Not sure if you are ready to see those type of results - let us help you figure it out

sooner rather than later...

Our Public Relations Road Map will help..


Ensure you are fully prepared to hire a Public Relations Agency.

Ensuring you have set business goals to help your PR agency develop an accurate campaign.


Assisting you in learning the types of media suitable for your brand.


Helping you define clear campaign goals.



Every-time I make a chance to my business, I feel confident about It. It is because of UMGMT and their help. 

Umgmt has helped me step gain that confidence with the immense amount of knowledge.

Janae Waters 

Wellness & Fashion Coach 

Krown Royalz

- Obtained clear brand vision 

- Increased Digital Foot-print 

- identified narrative for press outreach

"When you speak brand visibility in ANY capacity, you really should include UMGMT in It."