Would you like to work remotely from anywhere in the world with an internationally recognized Public Relations Agency? Are you looking for a hands-on experience and excitement out of each day? Do you love seeing results and helping other’s brand development? Then look no further Umanagement is the place for you!

The Umanagement Public Relations Internship is very competitive and task-driven. We are looking for an intern to join our brands' practice. Interns will support areas of UManagement Strategic Communications and Public Relations in various roles such as; Account Management Assistant, Public Relations Analyst and Community Relations Assistant. In addition, to assisting our account management team the prospective intern(s) build their professional portfolio, necessary skills to succeed in the public relations industry, and a chance to grow their network with industry moguls and Journalists.

 This 3-month minimum to a 6-month maximum internship is open to candidates that are usually recent college graduates (Undergraduate and or Graduate level) who majored in PR, Marketing, Advertising or another field related to communications.

Internship program logistics… 


  • This is an unpaid internship and can be completed remotely.

  • Our Interns that are post-graduates are expected to complete the hours and days (Mon-Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00pm). Our Interns that are current college students are expected to complete the hours and days (Mon-Thurs, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

  • Candidates must complete the online application to its entirety

  • Candidates, if selected, must submit an end of the week report to Umanagements selected task management system.

  • The intern must be able to attend bi-weekly phone conferences and events and meetings located in the state they are located.



What’s in it for you…  


  • You’ll work with and learn from some of the best communications professionals in the industry.

  • Interns can utilize this internship as college credit if approved by the university.

  • A Recommendation Letter

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Resume development assistance from our CEO




As an Umanagement intern, you can be responsible for assisting with implementing various projects within specific client accounts, while working closely with the account management, Community outreach or Public Relations Analyst teams.  


Specifically, you will (Please note depending which team you land on you will have additional task):

  • Drafting pitches, fact sheets, memos and much more

  • Learning the basics of your clients’ business – i.e. product/service offerings, media targets, and competitors, and more

  • Monitoring client and competitor media coverage and drafting coverage recaps

  • Updating media lists and pitching media contacts, under the direction of the senior publicist

  • Assisting with the preparation of press kits for distribution

  • Assisting with meeting logistics, updated work-back schedules and more based on projects

  • Participating in creative brainstorms when invited by the senior publicist

  • Conducting Social Media Management for the company and clients

  • Staying up-to-date on industry news and trends.

  • Assisting with event planning

  • Staffing and attending media events

Qualifications: Potential interns MUST have the following

  • A basic understanding of research and media list building tools

  • Solid organizational skills and the ability to adapt to new conditions, assignments, and deadlines

  • Knowledge of Google Docs

  • Superior verbal and written communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to become a strong writer 

  • Familiarity with the public relations and communications disciplines through past coursework or other internships 

  • Currently in Undergrad or have graduated, or a graduate student or have graduated

  • Developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a variety of clients and team members across multiple accounts

  • Basic understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.)

  • Self-innovation skills (Asking for work, turning assignments in well before the due deadline, and asking to learn certain things is highly recommended for success in this internship.)

The nice-to-haves…   

  • The ability to manage multiple deliverables at once. (Public Relations is a fast-paced industry.)

  • Leadership capabilities demonstrated through volunteering and extracurricular activities

  • Social media and research savvy.

Basic Qualifications:

You must have an interest in public relations or communications and possess good interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work effectively with others.

Before Applying Please note:

  • Social Media pages must be public

  • Must have professional headshots

  • Must submit a Public Relations formed Resume

  • Applications, Cover Letter, Writing Sample and Resume must be submitted together to info@umanagementpr.com

  • Please be mindful of the term being applied to (Summer, Fall, Winter/Spring)

  • Any incomplete applications will not be considered

  • Interns will receive a mid-term review of their performance. If the intern isn’t at least at a 75% completion rate of the internship they can be placed on a 30-day probation period or released effective immediately.


Application Link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/UMGMTCommunicationPublicRelations/umgmtinternshipapplication


Life after Umanagement: Interns have gone on to gain jobs at non-profits, other Public Relations Agencies, Corporate level positions in Public Relations and Public Affairs positions in the United States Government. They have also been accepted into some of the top graduate programs in the country. We are also proud to say, many have started their own Public Relations Agency. Most Importantly, they finished at the top of their PR classes in their undergraduate studies.

"While interning for Umanagement I learned the internal and external aspects of pursuing a career in public relations. Not only was I exposed to different types of clients in entertainment, but I also was exposed to the challenges of representing clients. I learned the fundamentals of creating sponsorship decks and emailing sponsor pitches and cultivating press tours, a skill I didn’t acquire prior to the internship. Milan showed me that networking, dedication, and hard work is what it takes to be a well-respected junior publicist. Overall, interning with Umanagement was a learning experience, advanced my skills and areas of expertise, as well as pushed me out of my comfort zone. I admire Milan's passion for public relations and how she pushes those like myself to not settle for the answer "no".

"Working as a Marketing Intern for UManagement has been an experience of a lifetime. Milan is an amazing person to work for. She has been a supervisor, a mentor, and a role model. When I first began my internship, I was not experienced. Milan had taken a chance and gave me this opportunity. She had assigned tasks that were challenging, required analysis and critical thinking and application of knowledge from my major which is Business Administration. There were opportunities for work events. It was a growing experience, allowing me to develop further and prepare for the workforce."