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ASMR Barbershop Sensory Experience Launched by theCut 


Dec. 7, 2023 


Milan Mobley 


ASMR Barbershop Sensory Experience Launched by theCut 

“theCut Launches Exclusive ASMR Series" 

[WASHINGTON DC] — theCut, the foremost barbershop tech platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative ASMR series, crafted within the authentic walls of barbershops. This series promises to captivate listeners with a rich tapestry of sounds—buzzing clippers, snipping scissors, and misting sprays—reminiscent of the entrancing atmosphere unique to a barbershop setting. 

The Barbershop ASMR Series offers an audio-visual feast, embracing the intrinsic beauty and acoustic vibrancy of a barbershop's ambiance. Viewers are treated to a sensory-rich narrative where the meticulous snips of scissors, the soft whispers of barbers, and the gentle rustle of a barber’s cloth transcend the ordinary ASMR experience.The series is a homage to the timeless barbershop culture, intertwined with a modern-day love for sensory exploration. 

Handpicked for their exceptional skills, the barbers featured in this series showcase their impeccable styling prowess and the captivating soundscapes inherent in their daily craft. This endeavor highlights theCut's dedication to celebrating barbershop culture, offering viewers a glimpse inside the shop while providing a sanctuary of serenity and a unique auditory journey. 

Obi Omile, CEO of theCut, shares, Our ASMR Barbershop Series is not just a leap in content creation but a tribute to the age-old barbershop legacy. We believe in the therapeutic power of ASMR and are thrilled to introduce audiences to a new layer of sensory delight entrenched in familiarity and nostalgia.” 

Audiences can now delve into this groundbreaking series on YouTube, designed for discovery and enjoyment. This initiative underscores theCut's unwavering mission to pioneer captivating, original content that resonates deeply with audiences and adds a distinctive touch to the digital media conversation. 


About theCut

Established in February 2016 by entrepreneurs recognized in Forbes 30 under 30, theCut stands as the quintessential barbershop technology platform. It forges a community of 5 million users with over 15,000 active barbers. This alliance has generated over 65 million appointments, and with nearly 2 million bookings each month, theCut solidifies its position as 

the top choice for barbers eager to refine their skills and broaden their digital footprint. Accessible on iOS and Android, theCut is the digital cornerstone for the contemporary barber.

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