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Rosezena Pierce (The Biz Lawyer)

/Trademark Lawyer/

Public Relations Goal:

  • Long-term client Rosezena Pierce has a successful Law firm and occasional seeks Public relations services around her high profile events in order to increase the attendance level, obtain exposure and establish further brand notoriety.


  • Women in business

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small business



  • Corporate - Small Business

Our Strategy:

  • UMGMT understands how hard clients work to produce events and each time we want to take the most strategic approach possible to make It easier on them. Once contracted we were able to serve as the liaison between the client and speakers, handle talent management, Red carpet management and securing local and national Press.


  • Secured $3+ worth of monetary sponsorship, which followed in-kind support for the gift bags.

  • Alongside ensuring (3) Media outlets cover the show and red carpet.

  • Secured media placement on CNN Business

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