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Taylord Style Beauty Loft

/Beauty Studio Owners/

Public Relations Goal:​

  • Media Exposure

  • Increasing Digital Footprint 

  • Increasing Visibility 

  • Industry Event Attendance 


Women, Women in Beauty, and stylist  


  • Lifestyle - Beauty 

Our Strategy:

  • Developed unique ways for a client to communicate their message to their audience.

  • Curate strategies to increase audience engagement and activity across (3) of their IG pages.

  • Shared their brand's story through various platforms to increase other opportunities outside of media securement.

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  • Secured invites to (4) industry events: The launch of Cynthia Bailey's signature flavor with Seagrams escapes, Gucci Mane Swisher Sweets Event, the Red carpet of CA Atlanta 3-year customer appreciation celebration, Raido one super bowl event.

  • (1) Speaking Engagement with the Women's EntrepreneuHERs brunch

  • We developed the idea of “Beauties and Brunch” We brought the TSBL theme “Vintage values with a modern flair” — by having Decor and pictures representing beauty salons from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s and inviting Atlanta's top beauty journalist.

  •  To promote growth and expansion. We developed the idea of “Sip and Paint W/ a twist,” When you think of sip and paint, you think of wine and painting a canvas. During this event, guests sipped on “Glam Juice” Their faces were the canvas, and their make-up was the paint.

  • Secured media features such as the cover of Aman Magazine, poised-ish podcast, southside dash radio, Access nini Do It, Chatting with Chealse, and Voyage Atlanta.

  • Developed partnership with Growing Up Hip-Hop Ayanna Fite 

  • Appeared as an influencer at the Natural Hair Show of Taliah Waajid 


Amazing Experience! 

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