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Bronner Bros, Inc. 


Public Relations Goal:

  • Bold Culture is a long term client that does consultancy providing multicultural consumer marketing and inclusive workplace development services through insight, consulting and connections. Looking to obtain coverage for the work they’ve completed with their clients, current campaigns and services. Bold Culture has a podcast by the name of “Constructing culture” they wanted a Public Relations agency that could connect them to their desired guest and develop talking points that best related to the podcast, Its audience and the prospective guest.


  • Women & Men

  • Children



  • Corporate  | Lifestyle - Beauty

Our Strategy:

  • With a brand like bold culture, they are able to fit into many of conversations with their diverse approach. We dove deep into conversations that happen daily and the ones that were trending. In this effort we were able to help position Bold as trusted leaders of their industry that can be called on to provide expert opinion at any point.



  • Secured press with Brydie, Allure, The Hue Report, Beauty Talk, National Hair Education, Hair’s The Scoop, Voyage ATL, Black Hair In the Big Leagues and Friends in Beauty Podcast.

  • Developed relationship with Key Media such as: The Cut & Ny Mag’s, Essence Girls United, Hype Hair Publicist and Byrdie by sending PR boxes of Bronners Top Products.

  • Connected Bronner with amazing influencers, create amazing conversations and get over 72M impressions from media outlets. 

  • Secured influencers to participate in the Digital “Tropical Roots” Campaign.

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